2019 Fiat C-SUV

The early predecessor has recorded excellent sell on the marketplaces worldwide, and brand-new upgraded model will do much more. Designers and engineers from Fiat factory are making special programs which can make new 2019 Fiat C-SUV better than current. With unique products in usage and different dimensions, lots of things are having the favorable mark. Performance and engine specification are also having the primary role in overall idea so we can see the clear distinction in between them. Pricing will go to various sides and markets, but w can anticipate to release in 2019.

2019 Fiat CSUV | Engine HD

2019 Fiat C-SUV Changes

The main information is body frame considering that the existing model has some problems. The body will be lighter and supported by protective carbon layers and steel essentials. Interior is roomy and it has great luggage area. This vehicle is envisioned an ideal family car and also for many other utilities like traveling. The front fascia of brand-new 2019 Fiat C-SUV will be fundamental with same details, upper grille, and stronger front headlights. Windshields are larger and made from double layer of glass which. Interior will have leather details with two rows of seats which can receive up to 7 individuals. The new infotainment system is far beyond present one, and technology enhancement providing us more than security programs and mp3 music.

2019 Fiat CSUV | Top High Resolution Photo

2019 Fiat C-SUV Specs

The engine of new 2019 Fiat C-SUV will get numerous adjustments depending upon which market and location are supplying. For European basis, this engine is 1.8-liter turbo inline 4-diesel motor which offers 130 hp and over 200 lb-ft of twisting power. For the Eastern market, like China and India, there is a 1.4-l turbo engine offering 138 hp and 150lb-ft of torque. There is also the third combination for 2.2-liter diesel motor but that is not particular. Towing capability in both cases is strong they are all environmental safe with significant fuel decrease.

2019 Fiat CSUV | Top High Resolution Pictures

2019 Fiat C-SUV Price

Approximated price for brand-new 2019 Fiat C-SUV will be near $25,000 but can be changeable. This rate needs to be offered for base models without any higher trim. Depending on challengers, this model will have better upgrades and it will cost more. The C-SUV will join Freemont in Fiat’s crossover lineup for 2019.

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